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WEDDING PARTY PRO is a company that has oriented its focus 100% on fully organizing wedding parties. This way, our aim was to differentiate our company from the sum of other companies existing within Greek market, that tend to deal with sound coverage of a wedding reception as if it was an additional service amongst venues, conferences, openings, scholar festivities etc. We have strong faith in experience and that is the reason why all of our colleagues are highly experienced venue - disc jockeys. We also believe in past working experience in club venues. All of our djs have been or still are live and kicking in many clubs that are considered to be amongst the top venues in Athens, as well as in other highly selected touristic destinations all over Greece.

To the point..
Wedding party pro combines the coolest sound equipment with light services adjusted to your personal needs, in order to create the utmost dance feeling. There is absolutely no way for us to set up a wedding party, without providing the appropriate light services on the dance floor or the right technician.

Additional services
It was considered necessary for us to introduce certain services that are directly relevant to organizing a wedding party. Professional light equipment, which backs up every dj’s main task on the dance floor, is one of the most important services. We also provide you with special effects that will bring the best out of the whole party procedure, such as the entrance and the first dance of the newlywed couple.

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