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DJ Don X. A true new age innovator.

The first image that comes to mind when you imagine a DJ is some non- descript fellow on turntables getting the party rocking. DJ Don X trumps that. Born Damola Epemolu in Paris, France, he grew up with an undying passion for music in all its forms, he has quickly evolved what began as a hobby in 2006 into a 9 year career that showcases his incredible talent and calm suave that surpasses being your ordinary DJ.

He merges the cultures from the various metropolitan areas in which he has resided – Paris, New York, Maryland and Washington DC. With a depth fuelled by his musical influences: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Afrojack, Tiesto and
Michael Jackson to name a few. DJ Don X consistently appeals to a wide range of ear drums as far as music is concerned. From Reggae/Dancehall, Electronic Dance Music to African World beats, UK Funky House, Top 40 Pop and Afrobeats, what has come to be identified as the Nigerian Sound; DJ Don X’s limits are boundless. This is evidenced by his weekly “#TGIF Quick Mix”, #DXXS EDM mix and the Unstoppable Mix series that has become a staple to a constantly growing web community from different parts of the globe.

He is now refered to as the bespoke wedding whisperer.

Who makes the wedding fun and exciting?

Hint: not the decorator, not the photographer, not the caterer. As you can guess… the DJ.
Let DJ DON X make your event a musically memorable and fun one as it should be.

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Saw him at a friend's wedding in Calgary. He had everyone on their feet all night.
Very personable in my opinion. Looking forward to when I have a chance to book him.

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